Friday, 27 June 2014

Kingston & Brantford

On June 13 & 14, 2014 the Christian Initiation Committee of the Ontario Liturgical Conference hosted a successful workshop "Journeying in Community to the Fullness of Life in Christ" in Kingston at the Providence Spirituality Centre. The presentations included:
Making Christians: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow How did we prepare for and initiate in recent years? Describing the current picture and hearing the Church’s vision assists us in initiating others.
Touching the Heart of Initiation: Jesus Christ Our journey to union of life in Jesus Christ is ongoing. The journey is shaped by familiar practices and immersion into a way of life.
Finally we concluded with Focus Groups:
Formation for Life at the Table In light of the Church’s vision how do we prepare others for life at the Sunday Eucharistic table at home, in the parish and in the school?
Click on the "Upcoming Workshops" link to the right to get information about a similar workshop we are offering in the Diocese of Hamilton - in Brantford in September.

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